Right-wing ideologue?

Recently, I’ve been accused of being a right-wing idealogue, by a fellow member of WordPress.

The accusation occured because of an online debate concerning the imbalance of races currently inhabiting our prisons.

Here it is. My comments are listed under magus71: http://aphilosopher.wordpress.com/2008/02/29/race-gender-and-prison-populations/#comments

The actual term, “right-wing ideologue” occured here: http://aphilosopher.wordpress.com/2008/02/01/it-is-time-to-say-goodbye-to-the-1960s/#comment-814

If the idea of personal responsibility makes me a right-wing idealogue, then so be it.

I’m not going to give my life story here, and I actually don’t like to discuss persoanl issues on a public forum, but I think it may be appropriate at this point.

Why do I get so irritated with the whole idea of the “Nanny State” and the redistibution of money by the government to “help” the poor? Because I grew up poor as dirt, and so did many of my friends. I slept in abandoned cars, on sidewalks, in bus-stops. I lived in several households growing up. And you know what? If, while I was crashing on a sidewalk, waiting expectantly for the sun to rise, just so that I could talk to people who would be awakening, a rich person walked by me and just handed me $1000.00, it would not have changed one bit the course of my life. It may have made it worse. I simply didn’t possess the mental skills to live correctly. I had no wisdom; I had intellect, which, without wisdom is in my mind, virtually useless. How many times have we heard about someone who ended up in prison or rehab, and the people saying, “He’s a really smart guy too…” Who cares. Give me wisdom anyday. Smart people just figure out more ways to get into trouble.

When I was about 17 years old, I became a Christian, but there was still growing to do, and nothing can make a person grow like pain. And not just pain that stops when you say, “Uncle.” Pain and tribulation that keeps on going, pulsing problem after problem at you until you’re almost beaten to a pulp. Then, a person realizes, sees clearly, the important things in life; Being humble and strong at the same time, treating others well, taking responsibility, not giving in to every dumb impulse you have. When everything is taken away from you, even a simple meal will be important.

 I was a cop for 8 years. I learned so much about human nature during that time. It’s doubtful that any classroom could teach me the same lessons. But I found myslef getting cynical about everything, and this way of thinking is a dangerous thing to be sure, so it was time to go. Since then, more problems came, but now, finally, they are receding, and I feel very hopeful about the future, and know that I can meet virtually every problem with a good attitide.

I’m going to make the best out of what I have left here. I want everyone else to do the same, to stop making excuses, to know that pain is making them stronger, though pain by definition must hurt. Are there problems I may face that I cannot overcome? Absolutely. Afterall, we will all die someday. But, as Heraclitus and St. Paul said, in only slightly differing language:

” There await us after death, such things as we neither hope nor imagine.”

I know now, that my perception of reality is more important than the reality itself. Pain has toughened me. Now, I feel like a piece of Iron.


1 Response to “Right-wing ideologue?”

  1. March 6, 2008 at 1:27 am

    >>>not giving in to every dumb impulse you have.

    Which places you in probably the smallest fraction of our country’s population.


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