A New Paradigm for War

In our lifetimes, it is extremely unlikely that the United States will be involved in another “Total War”. The romantic images of deftly faught battles with brilliant tactical maneuverings are finished. From here until a long time from now, it’s a matter of will and attrition. This is bad news for America.

 Here’s why.


As Dershowitz points out, the Muslim extremist loves death, we love life and Pepsi…

No other country can withstand a direct confrontation with America in terms of military power. We must adapt, and I believe our military will. But what about the populace? What about the mall-shoppers? I’m afraid I’m far more cynical when it comes to the ability of our civilians to weather a long war of attrition. The attrition will take place, not through the death of our soldiers and the destruction of military equipment. It will be a psychological attrition.

It is my belief, that because we are surrounded by 24 hr media; blogs; radio; TV; newspapers, that civilians here in America and thousands of miles away from the battles that our troops fight, actually “experience” more war-weariness than the populaces of the countries the war is fought in.

If one lives in Iraq or Somalia, days may pass between fighting in certain areas, or the fighting may never reach the areas where you live. Granted, the fighting experienced in Iraq is more real than that experienced here; we only hear and see the explosions, we cannot feel them. But, we know from psycology that the body’s reactions to images and thoughts is very sililar to that of actual events.

Americans never get a day off from war. Not while we’re fighting one, not even when we’re not. Every-single-day, we fight a war in our minds, because we read the newspapers, blogs and watch the images on TV. And that, without question, makes us tired of the whole thing, and we’d be tired no matter how convinced we were that the war was indeed a good war. But we were never that convinced about this one, so all the more weary are we.

We will not “lose” a war, in the near future at least, as we think of the meaning of the word. There will be no capitulation as with Germany or Japan in WWII. We will avoid war more often now though, even when it is needed and that will, as Machiavelli stated, only work to strengthen our enemies. The wars of the next century will be the wars of negation. We’ll see the problems, but we’ll avert our eyes and hope that no one else saw them too, hope that no one else nudges us with an elbow and says, “Hey, US. Are you gonna DO something?” We’ll shake our heads, lift our collars up around our cheeks, pull our hats down a little further–and just walk the other way.


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