Beware the prophets of change

Humans love change. No matter what we have, we want something else. One of humanity’s adversaries, and one that is mostly unspoken of, is boredom. We just can’t sit still.

Now, for the most part, the cultural ADD that Western civilization is experiencing has been a good thing. It has provided the impetus for a seemingly endless stream of technological advancements and social tinkering. 

 But stop and think; when was the last time you remember a presidential race where one of the cantidates did not overuse the word “change”?

Now though, the cantidate doesn’t even have to define what they mean by this. “It just needs to be different in here…you know, move the couch over there, the TV here and throw up some post-modern painting on that wall right there.” Out potential presidents are like an interior decorator, whom upon walking through your front door, actually finds the living room set-up just fine, but knows that they have to change something, otherwise, what are you paying them for?

One thing is certain, whatever change we get, we won’t like it. Of course, I’m not saying that certain actions would not be worthy of our dissatisfaction. What I am saying, is that we ought to be very careful when messing around with our old ideas of right and wrong, justice, and government. When ideas are old, and yet still survive is our society, it is quite likely that they have passed through the crucible of time and reached the here and now for a very good reason.

There have been some very bad ideas that have managed to survive for a long time. I think too, that there have been some good ones, that after surviving a millenia, we’ve kicked to the curb.

When it comes to our basic ethos, and to the foundational ethics upon which this nation was built, America should lend only a suspicious eye to the prophets of change. Those who promise to fix this and fix that, should not gain the benefit of the doubt, in fact, it is the status quo, that holds the title, and the contender needs to prove that it is worthy.

No, we won’t like whatever we get in the future, but what worries me is that we’ll like it even less than what we have now, or worse yet, maybe we will like it, even though it’s bad for us…

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