There’s nothing new with Obama

It’s the same old thing. Over and over…

Barack Obama trumpets change, but so far, the things he has to say are just what the Democrats have been saying for fifty years: Big Business is bad, the poor need more entitlements, the American military does nothing but make the world a worse place…yada, yada, yada…

Obama is nothing more than Jimmy Carter employing a voice honed to auditory perfection by cigarette smoke. Plus, he has the advantage of being able to claim whatever race happens to gain him the most votes; he’s half black, half white, so, for now, until the general election when white conservatives may have a gander at his policies, he’s black and proud.

I see nothing different in Mr. Obama than in any of the other Democrats who’ve run in my lifetime. He believes that the best way to solve America’s problems is to increase taxes and throw money at people and institutions that have proven time and again to have no idea how to properly spend it. He doesn’t think that the poor should ever have their training wheels taken off, and it’s this type of thinking that keeps the poor that way generation after generation.

Mr. Obama–educate the poor. Tell them how it is, and that there is no glory in victimhood. If you really want to bring change to your party, and in turn to this country, if hope is really your message, tell the people that through education, hard work, family values and optimism, in America, all things are possible, if not easy…


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