Leftists should start flipping coins…

Modern Leftists should start flipping coins when it comes to deciding their positions on major issues–they’d be right a lot more often.

Global warming’s done. It will probably take decades to undo the damage that Al Gore has done, along with the activist media, but you’ll see, in another 10 years or so, it’ll be another looming global disaster to talk about, ’cause Folks–we ain’t gonna die from the Earth’s warming…

As a matter of fact, this winter was one of the coldest on record. The ice pack that was receding in Antarctica, you know, the one that took 100 years to shrink to it’s levels last year, it’s back to it original size after only one really cold winter.

This article is really going to depress the Greenies. They’ll be so sad that we’re not going to fry because of our cars and Barbecues…


That’s right, it’s been so cold this winter, that the net increase in temperature has all but been wiped out. Scientists are just as bad as everyone else when it comes to speculation. Remember, if scientists can’t see it, they really don’t know, just like you and me, and the thing they’re really bad at is figuring out causality, which is what the global warming issue is really about–blaming us Capitalists meat-eaters for everything. Always be suspicious of any scientific study that tells what the exact cause of anything is. Remember the whole cholesterol-causes-heart-disease thing? It was wrong. Fat is bad for you? Wrong again…Neither of these statements were ever shown to be true in labs, and actually the opposite has been shown.

Again, the Leftist are on the wrong side.


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