Conservatism–A Eulogy

Today we have gathered to honor a great ideology that has passed on. Taken from our midst by cruel fate, by willful self-deceit and by an agenda-driven media.
Yes, Conservatism was plainly the blanket upon which our Founding Fathers wove the greatest nation the world has yet known. Control taxes and spending. (Applause)
The power of the individual, of the mighty American Citizen, to make himself great, not asking of his government that which no government can provide: Spirit, Will, Drive. (Applause)
Conservatism measured its accomplishments not by the number of people on the government dole, but by the number who no longer required a handout, because more than anything, Conservatism was a way of thinking, a way of interpreting known facts.
Conservatism knew that weakness does not serves humanity, that there is no honor in being destitute, and that with a gentle prodding and edification, perhaps the man who wallowed in his victim-hood–even enjoyed his own pain–could be made to stand, himself, and become great.
So, let us pause and consider what we have lost. Bow your heads and remember. For in losing this great thing, Conservatism, perhaps there will be one less poor man. But he will be replaced by 100 more. (Applause)
There are refreshments at the back and a thirty minute social time. Thank you.

The wake’s over, so let’s talk facts. Conservatism died of strangulation. It was murdered by socialists, 60’s hanger-ons, parroting undergrads, ambulance-chasing lawyers and the peddlers of victimology.

A further investigation by authorities shows it was a slow, lingering death, first beginning with student rebellions and the anti-industrial movements of the 60’s. Those of education were taught to despise the Capitalist, forever misquoting the Bible, which they believed to be mythology: “Money is the root of all evil.”

The “shock and awe” media, led by the likes of The New York Times, Newsweek, and MSNBC que their phrases. “Big Oil. Big Tobacco. BIG BUSINESS.” It all equals Big Bad to them. The journalists are above all of that of course. Perhaps their cars run on peace and love.

Ask a youngster what it means to be a Conservative. If he is insightful, he’ll say it means to inhabit a graveyard, in which Communism, Zoroastrianism and Cherry Coke have been laid to rest. Though most every high school student couldn’t write a single sentence describing a Reagan policy, I’m willing to bet the same could write a fair essay on global-warming, or why the Civil War REALLY happened. And the student surely knows we can end poverty with government cheese and food stamps.

The Conservative message is, at first, a harder sell. It requires the individual to take the training wheels off. It gives him a greater responsibility for his own happiness. But its rewards are far greater then any other attitude.

Americans have no enemy that can defeat us, but ourselves. And I fear that we are succumbing to a sighing self-hatred very similar to that experienced by Europeans. But France reaped the rewards of the liberal and socialist agenda. Those agendas and problems are the same ones we face here. Do we keep people working or do we make the government take care of them? What about immigration and border control? The French people had had enough with their experiment. They elected a president who made it clear what his intentions were and did not bend to fashionable weakness. Nicolas Sarcozy is his name, and a person running for president in this country who would call himself a Conservative, would do well to study that man.

I don’t like predictions. They almost never work out. But I believe that the next 8 years will see more change within America than any previous 8 yrs of my life. Americans, completely out of touch with their own history, guided by bumper stickers and witty one-liners will vote for a liberal. Hillary, Barak, or McCain. Take your choice. They’re all socialists and globalist and hold no respect for OUR traditions, for what made us great. They want to change it. Yes change, that sacred word of Barak Obama. Think what it means people, to change the colossus that is us. It most likely means a change for the worse.

CONSERVATISM: 1776–2008.
“Nothing good is easy and weakness is no virtue.”


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