The Iranians win again

The Iranians have won three victories against the West, in the last year or so.

First, there was the capture of British sailors–in which those sailors never fired a shot as they were being boarded and captured. Those same sailors were then paraded in front of television cameras by Iranian officials and forced to “confess” that they had veered into Iranian waters. Their confession was a de facto violation of the Geneva Convention–not perpetrated in secret with the hopes that no one would find out, but on international television with the hopes that everyone wouldfind out.

Next–the National Intelligence Estimate comes out and announces to the world that Iran is no longer trying to get the bomb. Hurraaaay! Party at the Ayatollah’s place! Leftists were suddenly orgasmic over the NIE–the same entity that stated in 2003 that Saddam had WMD. And, even if Iran has ceased its bomb-making protocols, it’s still enriching Uranium, which is the most time consuming and difficult part of attaining nuclear weapons. Once the Uranium shells are complete–it’s a snap to build an atomic bomb.

Lastly, Iran again slapped us in the face with their little dance in the Strait of Hormuz. These tests are well-planned and thought-out missions. They are not haphazard and random flybys and harangues. There were certainly recording devices nearby on shore, taping the energy profiles of each American ship as the Iranians closed the distance. When did the American’s first react? What was the active-radar profile at such and such a distance? How did the Americans manuever?

The Iranian ships should have been annihilated. They radio’d to the Americans that they were going to explode, then they began dumping boxes overboard as if they were unloading mines. The American ships inaction will cost more American blood in the future.

Al-Queda and Hezbollah believe the West is crumbling, weakened and degenerate.

They’re right.


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