Benazir Bhutto–You won’t hear the truth in the following days

Yesterday, as far as information currently available shows, Benazir Bhutto was assassinated, most likely by Al-Qaeda operatives or one of Al-Qaeda’a branches. The act of assassinating potential or current heads of state is considered so aborrent to the Western mind, that we do not even consider it as a way to avoid war, which costs thousands of innocent lives.

But Bhutto was not the answer for Pakistan. Her history is stained with corruption and greed. It is quite obvious that she was not driven by a love of her people, but a love of power and money.

The images of a woman running for public office in a Muslim country had a narcotic effect on us. The pictures of Musharraf, in his military uniform, were instinctively repulsive. But we had it backwards, because we assumed the context was the same as our own. Many in the know sources state that the Pakistani military is the LEAST corrupt organization in the country.

In the 90’s, while Bhutto was Pakistan’s Prime Minister, she and her husband were exiled from Pakistan after they were accused of diverting funds from the Pakistani Air Force, to overseas business interests. Musharraf allowed her to enter the country again.

In the end, Bhutto will become a martyr. And once again, the extremists have miscalculated and alienated the people that all along they have claimed to represent. The extremist’s blood lust is their downfall, just as in Iraq.

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