The Russian KGB was the most effective intelligence agency ever employed by any government in human history. In Soviet society, the KGB’s tendrils reached into every aspect of Russian life. Commerce, media, schools. And the insidious power of the KBG reached far beyond the borders of Mother Russia. It crossed the ocean and grasped the hearts and minds of many elites in the 1950s, right here in America. It took advantage of Truman’s one weakness: His refusal to confront the Red Threat. Truman denied it existed within our borders.

Joseph McCarthy was right. Most of the people that he accused of having communist ties were later found to be Red Sympathyzers. But so complete was the KGB’s monstrous propoganda machine, that they made McCarthy into a pariah. Some would say that McCarthy was too ruthless, but he saw problems everyone else missed or willfully ignored. And his ruthlessess pales when juxtaposed with Russian intelligence agancies.

I do not believe, as some do, that the Soviets intentionally deconstructed their empire so that they could sneak up on the West at a later date. I believe that they knew that they were indeed defeated, and decided to lay low, recoup their powers, and take advantage of the inevitable future resentment of American power. They know history better than we do. They understand that cultures clash, and that superpowers intervene more often in world events than other countries do. So they waited, and smiled, and bowed, all the while concealed a dagger. That dagger is Putin and his ilk; Children of Russian intelligence, nationalists, idealogues.

We will be dealing with Russia for decades. What is their next move in their power play? Who knows. They are notoriously patient and have cultivated an ability to think outside the box that outstrips our own. At least as far as the military intelligence issue goes.

Just remember, when you hear the leftists speaking today, the children of the 60s, remember that they are unknowing acolytes of Trotsky. They were converted to the faith in the restless expanses of University, and Hillary Clinton leads their charge.

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