Science as Dogma

We’re going backwards. The scientific community no longer listens to outside views. It is a closed system, and closed systems are doomed–incestuous and doomed.

Science is now the Anti-God. It is now a monolithic structure, moving as a Juggernaut to destroy the last vestiges of the metaphysical. Darwinists do not seek truth. They seek to disprove God.

We have seen the same type of activity in the global warming community. Attempts to shut out dissenters. The dissenters are there, but they don’t have microphones in their hands for the most part.

Darwinism is peppered with holes. What scientists cannot explain, they avoid. If there’s a problem with the theory, they don’t attack the problem–they avoid it.

Galileo was a dissenter. Science today is the Catholic Church of yesteryear. It has a dogma to spread. There is not enough room here to talk about all evolution’s myriad problems. But let me say that some of them are so simple that even in high school they seemed evident to me. My teachers had no answers for my questions, and believe me, the questions were fundamental enough to need explanation.

Some very basic problems:

1) According to Darwinism, all life evolved from single-cell organisms. At some point a species that reproduced sexually came into existence. Where did it find a mate? How could another mate even exist, given the incredibly small chance of a creature mutating to exactly the same form as a mate? And then, what are the chances that it would find this mate? You want me to believe? Explain.

2) Human Population. The current human population growth is around 2% annually. Darwinists state that we’ve been here in a form that closely resembles out current state for about 2 million years. Let’s be very kind to the scientists and reduce the population increase to one fourth what is today, to account for catastrophic die-offs, and then lets say we’ve only been around for one million years. So, (2x.07)to the millionth power. The number is something around 10 to the 2185 power (Human population). Impossible, even accounting for numerous die-offs. That number is larger than the number of electrons in the universe. Also, it took us 2 million years to make a light bulb?

3) The layman thinks that fossils secure a strong evidence in favor of evolution. Actually, they provide the strongest evidence against it. For one thing, there’s a thing called the Cambrian Explosion, which Darwin himself stated was the best argument against his theory. In the Cambrian explosion, we find everything from the simplest life forms to fully developed life forms, all inhabiting the same rock strata, with no transitional forms. And every fossil out there lacks transitional forms. There are huge gaps in the fossil record for every species–not just man.


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