Nothing New Under The Sun

Everything is worse today than it was yesterday. And tomorrow will be even worse than today. That’s what the papers and CNN would have us believe. And it’s all different too. The things they’re reporting have never happened before, it’s never been like this you know.

Only, it has.

It’s all the same crap, rehashed to make people look smart.

I’m reading Breakfast of Champions, written by Kurt Vonnegut back in 1973. Vonnegut was, while living, a champion of the left. I believe he may have had more influence on the current way of thinking amongst leftists than anyone. That is, complain about everything, make people believe America is terrible, and yet take advantage of all that America offers. Do it because you like to bitch. Do it because you’re smart. But just don’t look closely at the rest of the world, because you’ll be forced to admit that there, it’s even worse.

Breakfast of Champions was written in 1973. In it, Vonnegut spouts all the same stuff that liberals talk about today. We’ve poisoned our planet. Columbus was evil. Americans drop bombs on other countries simply because they don’t follow our rules etc. He conveniently ignores all the good.

But I like Vonnegut’s writing. He’s clever. He was also extremely depressed, even suicidal. His style has a sighing quality to it, one that says that life sucks and we all know it.

But geez, can’t liberals come up with something new?


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