Why I wish Iraq had not happened

We should not have invaded Iraq.

Not because Saddam Hussein didn’t deserve the gallows, not because Bush lied, not because war is bad. Because it allowed the far left to gain the foothold they needed. They managed to stage a coup on reality, bolstered by their seemingly unbreakable hold on the major portals of information: Schools, newspapers and television. Now for years to come, I’ll be seeing Troops Out of Iraq bumper stickers, right next to pealing and faded Kerry/Edwards bumber stickers. I’m forced to listen to college undergrads discuss MTV Realworld or Nip Tuck in the same breath as geo-political events. Kids who’ve never had to fight for a damned thing in their lives.

I’ll have to hear how the fundies usurped the constitution, how this is the worst epoch of American existance–how it’s all so bad, bad, bad.

And of course, when (not if) Islamic Fundamentalists hit us again, I’ll have to hear how it’s all because we invaded Iraq. After all, history started with the birth of the people now in their sophmore seasons of university, right? All bets by the media are hedged on the fact that people don’t read history, don’t know about people like England’s Chamberlain and what the British media did to soften Hitler’s rhetoric–they published censored versions of Mein Kampf so that the British people wouldn’t stand behind war. The left wished to avoid war at all costs: 6 million jews inhaling Zyklon B would not have been enough for the liberals of that time to fight. I rest assured that the death of my children at the hands of fanatics will not be enough for the liberals of this time to fight either.

Eventually and probably, people will tire of being bombed, gassed and flown into buildings. They may realize this is not Shangri-La. I suspect though, that many more will have to experience those horrors before the West stops procrastinating and denying what our problem really is.


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