Secularized, homogenized and moonbaterized

Children in King Middle School in Portland Maine will be popping contraceptive pills if officials at the Portland School Committee have their way. The committee’s proposal will give students in grades 6-8 access to a full spectrum of contraceptives, including a morning after pill. Condoms are already available.

Our schools have failed us–because we gave them to government. Instead of representing our core beliefs, the schools now shape our beliefs. We took out God, we told the children the evils of Christopher Columbus and about bad white men like George Washington. Oh, and don’t forget what Hernan Cortez did to the wondrous Aztec Empire–yes the same Aztecs that ate the hearts of their human-sacrifice victims. Everything that Little Johnny learned was good and proper back in 1950 has been turned upside down. It is clear what happens when we give any portion of our well-being to the state

Humans are unhappy on the inside. We fall off the proverbial horse, get back up to ride again, and fall off the other side. Humanity is like a person who rearranges the furniture once a week. If only they can get the set-up just right, they’ll feel better. But we can’t get the outside just right. Only the inside matters in the end.

It’s ironic that the Left, which has trivialized sex, wants to talk about it all the time, everywhere and to everyone. Let’s face it–sex is a powerful force. It is not a toy. It can destroy a person, both physically and psychologically. Like all powerful forces–it can be used for good or bad. To hand our children such a weapon in hopes that it will be properly used is like handing Johnny a gun and telling him where the safety is. Sex is more powerful than either the religious or secular care to admit. The religious fear its power because they are constantly wrestling with temptation. The secularists fear the power of sex because should they admit sex’s true importance, they would have to treat it with respect. It has even been said that the power of sex is such, that a person’s nature can be gleaned merely from observing the type of person he or she sleeps with.

Until we remember sex’s power, and respect it, our children will continue to become courser creatures; and more and more 13 year old girls will make the F-Bomb part of their lexicon.


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