Collectivism and the destruction of the ego

Among the many motives that pulled humanity from its caves and jungles and into the enlightened era, there is one that stands prime: Human ego.

Ego and the sense of accomplishment, the destruction of one’s obstacles and the overcoming of difficult situations. This is what causes, indeed forces, humanity to improve. Without these challenges, the individual mind stagnates, becomes lazy and flacid. I’ve seen it in my own life and it’s evident in the portions of America that have been granted funding simply for having a certain skin color or possessing certain genes. These people have been told for decades that they are victims, and victims need help. The so-called saviors of these people are victims themselves: Of linear thinking.

The black community has gone backwards because they fell prey to the culture of victimhood that is so fashionable on the left. The crime rate amongst blacks is way up since the 1960s. A portion of my heritage is American Indian, and I can assure you that there are massive problems on the Indian Reservations in my homestate of Maine. All of these problems are attributable to collectivism. The natives that live on the tribal land are given free housing and per capita checks every year from the governement. They are given free college tuition too. But that which cost us nothing has little value to us. I know this myself as I’ve always had a problem in keeping track of my sunglasses. Then I payed $100 for a pair of Oakleys and kept them for longer than all my other pairs combined.

It is really a tragedy that Americans have not learned the attrocities commited on the human spirit by collectivism. First, it smashes competition. Competition is a driving force for good. In sports, baseball for instance, when the season homerun record was 12, everyone strove for 13. But when it was 61, the target number was 62. To remove competition is to destroy part of our humaness. Humans can overcome great barriers, but not when they are taken care of. Only when they can take care of themselves can we be great. Will our children drink milk forever? Will they always have training wheels?

Also on collectivism’s hit-list is individuality. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Our mission here on Earth is to maximize the good and minimize the bad. Socialists tell us that for the most part we are all so bad that only a system can help society to reach its potential. But I say that only the individual can take us where we need to be. One person at a time must come to the conclusion that they themselves, without government, can make a difference.

If we want minorities to become successful, if we truly desire that the weak be made strong, we must challenge them. They must act, not with cliche’d picket signs, but by removing the brand of victimhood that is now burned into their souls by the left’s pundits. The challenge does not guarantee that everyone will succeed, however it does give everyone a chance. The only chance that collectivism has been shown to grant is universal misery.


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