Inconvenient Truth is untrue according to British Court

A British court ruled that Al Gore’s movie, “An Inconvenient Truth”, is factually inaccurate and if shown to school children, must be balanced with the views more commonly held by the scientific community. It is sad that this movie gained so much attention, and only because Gore’s name was involved.

The court sited eleven claims made in the film that have either been proven to be incorrect or controversial. Of particular note is the assertion that the icepack of Mt. Kilimanjaro is retreating because of global warming, that Hurricane Katrina was caused by global warming and that polar bears are dying because of global warming. All of these have been shown to be false or have no scientific link to warming. In fact, the polar bear population is on the rise, and there is no increase in the frequency or intensity of hurricanes.

This is one area in which clearer heads have won out. The issue of global warming is cooling. Strangely enough, a search of AP news articles in the last ten days shows no articles produced on this. There was an article in Reuters London though. Those journalists just KNOW we’re all going to boil off the earth–and they just can’t let you think any different.


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