Face it

Face it America. You’re not tired of our soldiers dying; you’re tired of the news telling you the same stories everyday. But the media has slowed on its Iraq reporting. Why? Because we’ve won. Yep. I’m declaring a US victory. And now the war is no longer a Democrat talking point. A win in Iraq simply doesn’t help them gain power–only bad news does. Car bombings could occur from now until the cows come home–but we’ve still won. Our soldiers are the best in the world, folks. All of the mall shopping in the world, carried on by our nation’s people, won’t change the fact that our military is great. We shop; our soldiers fight. We complain; our soldiers win. We are pundits; our soldiers are champions. This battle has been carried on long enough, I admit. But we won, because will is the prime factor in all of humanity’s struggle to relieve itself of the pain inflicted by tyrants–and the will of our volunteers far outstrips that of the undergrads discussing International Relations at Starbucks.

Now I ask a difficult thing of the Democrats. Admit that you have been defeated by an American victory. Admit that the world is better without Saddam, and that within a few years, all of the hyperbolic rhetoric will be forgotten–not by Islamic extremists; they can never be sated by anything but death–but by the squawkers within our own borders; by the European countries who are changing their tone before our eyes, each of them I’m sure, somewhat embarrassed for being bullied by Neo-Facsist Russia. So, secure in your defeat and secure in the fact that your country still loves you despite your years of slandering and calling its leader Hitler, find something real in your life to hold on to. It can’t be God, I know. Al Gore maybe? He’s up for the Nobel Prize, even with his error-ridden film.

As I’ve admitted defeat in the arena of American culture, so should the left admit defeat in Iraq.

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