I’m hoping my words will bring me as much fame as they have Rush Limbaugh. Yes that’s right. Soldiers, such as Jesse Macbeth aka~Jesse Adam Al-Zaid~ who claim to have served, but did not are PHONY SOLDIERS. This is exactly what Limbaugh was saying and it’s exactly what I’m saying. These PHONY SOLDIERS are the ones that the weird left props up as heroes for supporting the “America is Bad–Bad I say!” ideology.

Look–anyone who knows me knows that I would myself denounce Limbaugh for calling a soldier “phony” for disagreeing with the war. I may disagree with this soldier, for there are far more soldiers that agree that our efforts have been worth our blood, but I would respect him for his service. If you fought, you are not phony. But Limbaugh simply did not say that veteran dissenters are phony. This whole thing is simply chilling to me. It alarms me to the type of world we now live in. Some 40 senators signing a letter to Clear Channel calling for his punishment? And he didn’t even say what they are alleging! And the spin placed by media outlets is surreal. They begin their stories with something like: “Senators are denouncing radio personality Rush Limbaugh for his statements that soldiers who disagree with the Iraq War are phony.” Again–it is plain that he didn’t say that.

George Orwell’s 1984 was wrong. It isn’t the government that is the big problem. It’s all of the other entities that form our thoughts and control what we believe. The left has infiltrated and now controls our universities, the media and to some extant, the scientific community. The guns of all of these institutions have been brought to bear on what has been held sacred on this country since its independence. Science is the blade that severed our faith. Through the universities and the media, the ideology of leftists is spread upon the masses. Everyday is an assault upon our conscious of what it means to be an American. I remember being taught in grade school, and seeing for myself that America is the best place in the world to be. No such thing reaches our children’s ears now.

Truly, I wonder if the battle is lost. I’ll go down with this ship, my friends. I can only be what I am and what I believe. And I believe in God and Country. But where is God? He’s dead–and we’ve killed him.

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