The future president has a hard road

“There is no avoiding war; it can only be postponed to the advantage of others.”~Niccolo Machiavelli

The Democratic candidates have a difficult future to face. All except Hillary, fail to see this. Hillary knows that sometimes you have to fight, but she lies to get what she desires most–power. Obama and Edwards live in a world that holds little resemblance to this reality. A world where conflict can be abated, if only we would talk and understand–and give up.

In everyday life, victory never comes. There is not a day that we wake up and say: “I’ve won!” No, life is maintenance. Life requires endurance. Those who endure can appear to have triumphed, yet even they must face each day with determination lest what they have accomplished suddenly vanish.

And so it is in international relations throughout the lifespan of a nation. We may win a battle, our economy may thrive for a time, but that will never relieve us of the responsibility to carry on. There is little time to relax, unless one doesn’t mind seeing what made his country great slip away or stolen by cultures with a stronger will.

Americans, should they again begin to study history, will see that cultures clash. We will continue to clash, to spill blood from now until this generation has passed away and then we will clash some more. There is no easy road. The Democrats will continue to lie to get votes. They will continue to tell the American people that war need never happen. That Saddam should have remained in containment. That Iran will submit to embargoes and diplomatic pressures. Only time will tell, but history shows that these actions rarely work. We are making crime pay by negotiating too much and this process is enabling more and more rogue states to hold the world as an atomic hostage, demanding huge ransoms. That’s exactly what Saddam did with the Oil for Food deal, and it’s exactly what Kim Jung-Il has done; demand goods and services in exchange for not making nukes. My guess is that these regimes will continue in their nuclear ambitions even after the accords are signed. This is what Saddam did and the UN refused to act.

As I said earlier, of all the Democratic candidates, only Hillary understands the place that war has. But if she is to follow in the footstep of her husband, she’ll neglect and procrastinate so that the next president will have to march our troops into danger. We should know now that that president will receive as much hatred as George Bush has. He or she will be accused of being a fascist. He or she will be accused of being the worst president in history.

If the next president does the right thing he will remember the words of the Gaulic leader, Brennus. When Rome was sacked and occupied, the Romans agreed to pay a ransom of 1000 lbs of gold. As the Romans complained that the Gaulic scales were unfairly balanced, Brennus threw his sword onto the scales, announcing: “Vae Victus!” ~Woe to the Defeated! Indeed, woe to the world should America be defeated.

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