Political Realism

As you can probably tell from reading my posts, the proper name for my political perspective could be termed Political Realism.

This is how I see things:

1) There is no global power that regulates the authority of individual states. All states to some degree are different from one to another, holding to ideals that others do not. The failures of entities such as The League of Nations and The United Nations clearly displays this fact. It cannot be expected that multiple nations will agree on anything, and to allow the worst of the lot to dictate what the most competent nations are allowed to do is a recipe for disaster.

2) The number one interest of any state is its own national security. To expect more than that is foolish. A state is the collective conscious of its people, and all peoples are driven by the survival instinct, above all else.

3) Only through superior military and economic power can a nation further its chances of survival. Nations do not survive because of the goodwill of others. Goodwill is a side-effect of building a strong economic base, fostered by a liberal free market. Only under these conditions is goodwill possible.

4) All nations at all times are struggling to reach the top of the international food chain. Weaker nations, either in military terms or economic terms are devoured by the stronger nations. Jealousy, strife and war are unavoidable evils in a world such as this. This is not to say that a nation must always attempt to dominate another. I only say that the natural order of things causes one nation to fall behind another, and just as an animal becomes predatory when hungry or lashes out when cornered, said nation will find it necessary to commit to either violence or improve its economic function in order to maintain relevance. Otherwise revolution or annexation will occur.

5) A nation either decays or is destroyed in one of three ways: 1) It’s economic base becomes so weak as to cause its people to starve, suffer disease or commit to revolt. 2) It’s military becomes so weakened that it becomes a target for stronger enemies seeking its resources or seeking to punish it for past wrong-doings. 3) A general internal malaise occurs amongst the populace. A depression of sorts in which a nation’s people lose their will to exist. This could be seen in the Roman Empire at its end and there are signs of this occurring in all of the West. The third listed here will eventually result in one of the first two occurring.

Harsh? Yes. Difficult to deny though.

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