Culture Slaves

Americans, particularly the younger generation, is a slave of the left’s holy word: Culture. In a country constructed to limit government power, to enable its people to find their way, guaranteeing in our sacred documents the right to pursue your dreams–hit or miss–we are now beholden to the private sector’s power. Ambushed, caught unaware by entities who promised that they were the watchdog of government, the protectors of liberties and the criers of truth, the masses now nod their heads in sacrosanct unison to the preachings of Keith Olbermann and John Stewart. Masking their hate with sarcastic half-truths, Olbermann and Stewart and their simulacrums are leading a new revolution in news media: Satirical Journalism. Under this banner, they are able to make any allusion they wish, any statement however untrue or perverse. Behind the buckler of comedy, they are protected from libel and political backlash.

Also recruited to do the left’s bidding: Actors, musician and various other pretenders, striving hard to sound important and to convince themselves that their lives are more than make-believe. And no matter the ignorance contained in their words, no matter how empty their “ideas”, young people love them. And if one of their number should stand on the side of conservative values, be sure that well-trained character-assassins are close by, ready to unsheathe skeletons in closets and sling hyperbolic accusations.

Two points to illuminate:

1) Most of the actors and musicians, the Cheryl Crows of the world, are less informed then the average blogger.

2) The media gets far more stories wrong than the public is aware of.

On both counts, most people would probably agree. And yet they go on listening to the lies, inuendo and over-simplified notions. I myself did not realize how incompetent the media is until I became a police officer. As a cop, I had inside knowledge on many of the cases that the local news papers reported on. All of the men that I worked with experienced great frustration in the lack of candor and accuracy presented in various articles. And now this Rush Limbaugh thing. That cemented it with me. I heard the whole show in which he is accused of calling our military’s dissenters ” phony soldiers”. Only he didn’t say that. There was never any question in my mind about what he was saying until I heard the next day that the aforementioned character assassins were doing their work with the usual efficiency. Rush has stated repeatedly that he did not mean every soldier, but one in particular, who is part of a group of other soldiers who claim to have been in Iraq and never were. Since Rush has stated he did not mean every soldier, why is there even a story anymore? His usual enemies took their shots at him, so why should he be offended? He takes shots from them everyday. He simply didn’t say what they said he said. It’s maddening. I know for a fact that most of the people who are critical of Fox News and Rush haven’t watched or listened to a whole block of their product. They’re scared of the product. It may disrupt their belief system.

Americans must shut their televisions off. They must read history books. The life-disasters of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton must become unimportant if we are to survive as a great nation. We must learn from ancient codices–not so much from current events which are cloudy because of their nearness. Anyone not afraid of reality, anyone who knows that tough times require tough choices, should turn off the television, cancel their subscription to the New York Times, go to their local library, and check out a copy of Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War. In that book, you’ll find why wars really begin and why the winners are the winners.


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