It’s time to leave the UN

But America won’t, because for some reason that escapes me, people are infatuated with multilateralism. They just adore it. The EU, the UN, The Kyoto Protocol; it’s all evidence that they can buy the world a Coke and live in perfect harmony. But it simply has never worked.

President Bush spoke at the United Nations General Assembly this week and told them something that they needed to hear. I’m paraphrasing. The Human Rights Council has failed again and again. It is comprised primarily of countries that hate Israel and the United States. The Council has failed to act on the most egregious forms of human rights violations in the world. In the most recent assembly, it enacted two resolutions against Israel but none against the most atrocious regimes on the face of the earth. That brings the total to 15 resolutions against Israel and 4 impotent resolutions against Sudan; Land of the Dead.

The Council was unable to decide if an investigator should remain in Darfur, and so postponed its decision for three more months.

Here, in a nut-shell is what happens when entities like the UN form: All states that take part in the entity’s actions, like all things in life, tend toward homeostasis. And since the chaotic malcontents far outnumber the successful western cultures, the West finds itself playing down to the lowest common denominators. To allow the opinions of known human rights violators such as Russia, Cuba and Saudi Arabia is lunacy. Lunacy in the name of just getting along.


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