No, I’m not talking about listening to Rosie O’Donnell. I’m talking about water-boarding. Torture is bad. So is shooting someone in the head. And yet, liberals try to tell me how evil America is for water-boarding captured members of Al-Qaeda, yet they never speak of the Al-Qaeda operative whom gets shot in the head from 300 yards by a Marine sniper. Give any operative a choice between water-boarding and getting shot and see what answer you get. CIA agents must undergo water-boarding so that they have experience with its effects. Is Amnesty International crusading for the rights of CIA agents to not be subjected to torture?

It’s too easy to say that America shouldn’t use torture because torture is bad. I always investigate closely anything that seems too easy–axioms if you will. Many times I find them to be correct, but often I find that they are cliche’d and spoken of without true thought.

Would torture be alright if your baby girl or boy were being held hostage by Al-Qaeda, perhaps with a scheduled YouTube beheading looming? If you say that you wouldn’t authorize torture in such a case, I question your morality. And I don’t proclaim torture to be moral. I proclaim it to be at times necessary. Just as long-range head shots in a war are necessary but not really moral. We need to stop thinking of war as a moral issue. I’m sure this shocks many people who only want it to be that. I’ll say it right here: WAR IS EVIL. It causes massive destruction, kills thousands, sometimes millions–and yet sometimes it’s necessary because there are even more horrible things than war. The will to live and the right to live are beyond morality. I expect no one to willingly die, even if they deserve death. The will to live is just too strong to expect that.

Never the less, Bush signed into law a bill outlawing water-boarding. He got no credit from the lefties though–he’s a fundamentalist after all and deserving of no credit for anything.


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