How can the media be wrong so often?

Do they do any investigation before they write and broadcast their stuff? They can’t. There’s no way. And apparently most of the Democrat members of the House and Senate don’t either. There’s a massive outburst today, both from the House floor and the leftist media (90 % of the media) about a statement that Rush Limbaugh made yesterday. Limbaugh was commenting on former lefty love-child Jesse MacBeth. MacBeth had drawn adoration from liberals and military haters because of MacBeth’s statements that he had served in Iraq where he witnessed soldiers abusing Iraqis, burning bodies and hanging them from the rafters of mosques. For months, MacBeth spouted what the weirdos that have taken over the Democrat party wanted to hear: America is evil. But guess what?

MacBeth lied.

He was never in Iraq. He washed out of Army boot camp. He has been convicted and sentenced for lying under oath. Yesterday, Limbaugh commented that MacBeth is a phony. Major media outlets like MSNBC jumped on the story saying that Limbaugh labeled all soldiers that did not agree with the Iraq war as phonies. I heard the whole show yesterday and that is obviously not what he said and he would never say such a thing. John Kerry was predictably among the knuckleheads berrating Limbaugh. This is the same Kerry who in 2005 accused the American military of attrocities in Iraq. To think that this man was almost president.

This story is all over, with journalists asking politicians for their response to Limbaugh’s supposed statement. The media has messed up again–but they’re unaccountable. Who watches the watchmen? Drooling head-nodders, that’s who.


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