Syrian nuclear facilities–gone.

On September 6th, the Israeli air force dispatched a wing of F-15 Strike Eagles into Syrian airspace and launched a successful attack on a nuclear tech. facility. The facility was the result of collaboration of the North Korean government and Syrian scientists.

The response from Syria to this overt act of war by Israel? Utter silence. Why? Because they’re scared. Syria boasted the thickest net of anti-aircraft installments of any country in the Middle East. They have recently purchased ultra-modern technology from (surprise) Russia. The stuff didn’t work. Good.

The real reason Iran’s president Ahmadinejad payed a visit is because he’s afraid too. Recent reports by Indian nuclear scientists who’ve visited Iran to help out with the nuclear program, state that they were asked repeatedly by Iranian officials and scientists if America and Israel would attack.

Why are these countries scrambling all at once to build nukes? Because we’ve broadcast Western disunity over enforcing international law. Saddam didn’t have to abide by UN mandates, why should they observe IAEA rules? We don’t have the will to win and the rogue states know it. The West is like a single-mother who’s tired of controlling incorrigible Johnny, so lets him do whatever he wants.

Tim Russert hit Hillary Clinton with some good questions at the debate the other night. It’s shocking really. Journalists are prone to throwing softballs to Democrats (remember- only 4% of journalists are registered Republicans). But Russert pressed her on several issues–torture, Iran’s nuclear ambitions. And Hillary did what she always does: changed her story on one question and refused to answer the other. She is not a leader–never has been, never will be. She’s a poll reader. It’s not easy to lead. It’s tough. You make enemies but you follow your conscious and do the best that you can. You listen to those who have experience and wisdom, but ultimately if you’re in charge, you make the tough choices. The media has destroyed most candidates’ will to be leaders because the backlash is too strong for making unpopular decisions.

Hillary can’t make an unpopular statement let alone a decision. Russert asked her about torture. She stated that she opposed all forms of torture. Russert than revealed that the parameters he had read to her for the torture question were from her husband, Bill. Bill has supported torture under the right conditions. Hillary joked that she needed to talk to Bill about his conclusions. Of course Hillary has stated before in an interview published in the New York Times that she supported “ticking time-bomb torture.” Then Russert asked her about Israel’s right to strike Iran should Israel’s security be threatened by nuclear weapons. She outright refused to answer. Israel struck Iraq in 1981, destroying a nuclear reactor. What’s different now? America is different, that’s what.

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