Party of Defeatism

“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”~Winston Churchill

Some may accuse me of being a Republican partisan. I’m not; I’m an American partisan, and the things that I see the Democrats doing right now remind me why I cannot be one of them.

If MY party–The Republican party–were doing what the Democrats have done to David Petraeus, I would pack my bags and be done with them. And Republican or no, apologist for the Iraq War notwithstanding, if Patraeus’ report stated that the war was a lost cause and nothing good could come from staying, I would have to acquiesce. Anyone with any honor should leave the shameful political cog that is the Let’s All Lose Together Party. They don’t love this country; they hate what made America what it is and they wish to change it. And they most certainly don’t understand sacrifice and honor or that someone wearing a uniform can be intelligent and honest. All their pandering, and giving in has done little to bring peace. The sad thing is that I believe that they know the nature of the beast (Islamic Fundamentalism) but refuse to state the truth–because they know what people want to hear. That everything is fine and dandy in the world and only if America would hand out more soccer balls to children, the extremists will stop killing us. The Dems hedge their bets on America’s distaste for studying history and lean on niceties and vagaries.

Patraeus didn’t say what the leftists wanted him to, and the Party of Defeatism hates him for it. Barbera Boxer and Hillary Clinton appear as the petty ideologues they are–and the world will pay for their ignorance should America leave Iraq now. It doesn’t matter what party the reader of this article is a member of. Everyone who cares should ask themselves what will happen should we leave now, after years of sacrifice and work and blood–leave just when there is light at the end of the tunnel. Iraq will implode, millions will be slaughtered and Al-Qaeda will be gifted with a training ground.

When and if the Democrats gain the Whitehouse, I expect to see a president that is holding their breath, waiting out their terms for the big money that will come to them on the speech circuit. They’ll keep on negotiating with the likes of Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda ala Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. They’ll pray they can hold the terrorists off until the next president has to deal with them. They will have to deal with them–history tells me no different.

I’ll leave you with one more quote from that greatest of statesmen, Winston Churchill (Can’t you come back, just for four years, Winston?):

“Sure I am of this, that you have only to endure to conquer.”


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