Petraeus and Congress

I’m watching the Congressional hearings today. As of this writing, Petraeus has not testified, but has sat listening to members of Congress. My blood pressure spiked when I had the dishonor of listening to Representative Lantos–DEMOCRAT– from CALIFORNIA, ramble on. He’s all for an immediate withdrawal from Iraq, calling the Bush Administration’s Iraq policy, “myopic.”

Myopic? The true case of Myopia is any thoughts of withdrawal! Do we think Al-Qaeda will lay down its arms? Who in their right mind believes that an unstable Iraq is good for America or the world? As I watched Petraeus’ reactions to some comments, in particular, when Republican Dunkan Hunter showed him an article purchased and printed in The New York Times by MoveOn.org, calling Petraeus, General Betrayus, I saw that the General was shaken. The Democrats have stated repeatedly that Petraeus’s speech is written as Bush’s propaganda. How repugnant, how despicable, how down-right wrong. This is a man who is putting himself in danger’s way in Iraq. This is his third combat tour there. I won’t listen to anyone that’s pushing for cushy votes deride Patraeus; not until they themselves go where he’s been. He holds more credibility then any of the politicians on either side.

How can any American not want us to win? It’s their country, they live here! Regardless of any one’s ideas on the efficacy of this war at the beginning–we are there and we MUST win. Since MoveOn hates war, I hope that they’ll surrender as easily in the one that I’m declaring–on them. They are a cancer, a hive of lies and a bunch of moonbats hovering around the hopes of catastrophic American loss. They hate America, and I hope that they hate me, because I am their enemy–sworn.

Does anyone reading this think that MoveOn.org or the Democrats want us to win? Do they want Petraeus to tell the truth if it means American success? Anyone who is honest with themselves will know that 1) The left is against a win because Bush would appear in a good light, 2) A win and a destruction of the enemies of America would chip away at the ideology of liberals. That is: weakness is strength and America must grow weaker in order to regain its status in the world.

Where are the outcries by the Democrats for the actions of Iran and Syria in supporting the sectarian violence and American deaths? As in the past 30 years, Democrats stand firmly on the side of despots, totalitarian regimes, and nihilistic assassins.


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