Al– Don’t leave

Yes, soon we’ll all be rotisserie chickens. In about 8 1/2 years actually. So sayeth Al.

Al would have been the smart president, right? He was the guy who did really well in school, clearing the way for his status as sentinel of the eco-system, correct?

Ummmm–not quite.

Normally I wouldn’t pick on someone for their grades in school, because people change and performance has as much to do with desire as intelligence; more in my opinion. But since liberals heap praise onto Al Gore and hold him up to be an intellectual(just because he’s liberal), and also because the common charge against GW Bush is that George is dumb, let’s explore Al’s past academic performance.

— Dropped out of Vanderbilt twice.

–Gore only took one economics course–ever. Intro to Economics. He got a C-.

–On his college board achievement tests, Gore score a 488 out of 800 on the physics portion and 519 out of 800 in chemistry.

–While at Harvard, Gore earned a D in Natural Sciences 6; he received a C+ in Natural Sciences 118 his senior year.

–While at Vanderbilt, Mr. Gore received five F’s.

There are more examples of Gore’s lack of academic success. The primary point is–Gore has NO scientific credentials. He is a demagogue and a hack. He dribbles shallow content lifted from editorials in GQ magazine. But above all of that–he’s a millionaire who invested heavily in “green” stocks before embarking on his mission to save the penguins.

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