Media Coup

I just got done reading a column written in the New York Post by Ralph Peters. I consider myself a disciple of Peters, whom many believe is a top expert on terrorism and war in general. He is certainly the best amongst the experts at communicating using the written word. I respect him because, even though he is employed by a media outlet, he freely writes about media bias concerning the war in Iraq.

Peters has recently spent several weeks in Iraq reporting on the situation there, interviewing soldiers and generals alike. Peters himself is a retired Lt. Colonel from US Army Intelligence.

I found it interesting that Peters states in his latest article, that while he is in America reporting on the war, he begins to feel warn-out by the media’s negativity. He himself begins to believe that maybe Iraq is a lost cause. Then, when he actually goes to Iraq, he feels much better about things. He walks around, talking to troops and Iraqi citizens and he’s found little of the cynicism that’s infested America. The Iraqis don’t want us to leave now. The troops’ morale is at its highest level since 2003. It is sad to me that someone could feel more positive while they’re in a war zone than when they are in America. The media has pulled off a true psychological coup here in the States and I’m ashamed for them and ashamed at us for buying into it. Our politicians even visited the herd’s trough.

Furthermore, while Peters reserves glowing optimism for greater results, he states that there is light at the end of the tunnel; Anbar Province, once a chaotic bloodbath, is now firmly in our control. The military was only 6 weeks ago fighting door-to-door there; now people walk down the streets wearing no body armor.

Strategically, Al-Qaeda has suffered a massive defeat in Iraq; Muslims there have rejected them, they want them gone and they realize now how truly evil the organization is. Iraq may never reach our level of open democracy but it is on the road to stability, peace and a prosperity it has not known since the days of Nebuchadnezzar–if only its people will see….

So now, let’s throw out the idea of leaving when the jobs almost done. We’re there, we need to see this thing through and we can’t let the Irans of the world win–that would be truly catastrophic.


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