History will get it right.

I listened to Karl Rove speaking on the Rush Limbaugh show yesterday. I know Rove was good at what he did, because he was so hated by the libs. It’s great to be good.
Rove said some interesting things. Limbaugh asked him why the president never responded to the personal attacks by leftist weirdos. You know, that he’s dumb, trying to destroy our liberties, incompetent. Rove said that the president knows it’s not the way to go about things, that responding to garbage with garbage will only bring him down to their level and he also said one other thing: “History will get it right, and you and I will be dead then anyway.” I love that answer. That’s an answer that Bill Clinton would never have given. His legacy was too important and by making his legacy the most important issue, he actually destroyed what future historians will think of him. The first shall be last and the last shall be first.

Rove also said that Bush is one of the most well-read people he’s ever met. Last year Bush and Rove had a reading contest to see who could read the most books in 2007. Rove beat Bush 110 to 94. Bush joked that as leader of the free world, he was at a decided disadvantage.

So here’s your dumb president’s resume: Graduated from Yale with degree in history. Graduated from Harvard with a degree in business. Fighter pilot. Governor of Texas. Name one other person that’s graduated from either of those schools that flew fighter-jets. Anyone you know personally? Some say he’s a bad speaker. Nope. You’re wrong. People don’t like him, so they don’t like what he says. Sonorous speeches won’t change that. Bush gave a speech to the US Congress right after 911. It was called possibly the greatest speech ever given by a president. I specifically remember that. I listened to it, and I have never heard a more solemn speech, even by Roosevelt or JFK. If you don’t remember it, you should, so here’s the transcript.


In honor of our president’s practice of reading a lot, I’ve decided to read one book a week and have a review day on this blog. Currently, I’m reading, “Sick Puppy”, by Karl Hiaasen. I’ll review it on Sunday.

Have a great day.


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