Why I’m writing this blog

I am an unabashed propagandist for America’s military, the war in Iraq, and America itself. As a writer, the only option for me is to tell the truth as I see it, and to avoid any pandering. And the only measure of my success as a writer, is if those who read it come to understand the enormity of our situation. It is no less then the imminent fall of the West. If this way of thinking was good enough for George Orwell, the greatest essayist of the 20th century, it’s good enough for me.

America is falling–from within. No power on this earth can defeat us if we can only regain our optimism, remember our great heritage, and raise our children to love what was founded in our land not much more than 200 years ago. Europe may be a lost cause at this point. They wallow in cynical fatalism and are weak to the point of disgrace. We are not lost–not yet. Its spirit pale, its wit dull, continental Europe is decades away from entering a dark age. Watch and see. The rising power of China the new Russian threat will loom. They both smell Europe’s indifference and lack of strength. Only a strong America keeps Europe safe, even now.

Until I see some other countries getting things done as well as we do, I will remain a partisan. I will not back down to the leftist media–ever. They are defeatist, ridiculously cynical and intentionally ignorant of historical context. Most of all they savor too much the next scandal; and nothing is more scandalous then American defeat abroad. They don’t want victory–which is always possible. No, victory would call into question their very ethos: The weak shall inherit the earth.

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