The Rise and Fall of the Gorian Empire.

The Gorian Empire is crumbling. Swallowed by its own decadence and lust for Philly Cheese Steaks, it appears that the Colossus of Doom will attempt a silent get away, fading into the night.

You see, a Canadian scientist recently discovered a glitch in NASA’s computer models for surface air temperature. After recalculating the air temps for the last 100 yrs, it appears that 1934, not 1998, was the warmest year in the past 100 and that 5 of the last ten warmest years were before WWII. Oops. NASA has ever-so-quietly adjusted their figures, without much of a peep from the media (of course). This is recently-breaking news and I’ll try to keep you updated. Here’s a link to the new figures: http://data.giss.nasa.gov/gistemp/graphs/Fig.D.txt

The scientist’s name that figured out the problem of the GISS (Goddard Institute for Space Studies-An arm of NASA)program is Steve McIntyre. GISS has admitted the error after much study done by McIntyre of the measuring station used by GISS. Not surprisingly, this measuring station is the one most often used by Gore and his alter boys to make their money.

Currently there are so many hits on McIntyre’s climate blog, that the server is down and under expansion. Wikipedia has a recent update of the event, so check out McIntyre there. This changes everything.

If we compare The Rise and Fall of the Gorian Empire, to that of Edward Gibbon’s Roman Empire I would have to say that we are somewhere around Commodus’ rule–177-192 A.D. Not the end to be sure, but the glory days are astern and dark days loom.


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  1. 1 Anonymous
    August 23, 2007 at 6:14 pm

    U luv al. and satan.

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