Oh oh…..

Don’t look now, but the surge is working. CNN even says so. This is bad for the Democrats–very bad.

Gen. David Patraeus‘ counterinsurgency plan is showing signs of success. Big time. American and Iraqi security forces have finally gained the trust of rural tribal sheiks, people who have grown weary of Al-Qaeda’s monstrous vision. Together, the three are driving Al-Qaeda and its related death-squads into the dirt. Bombings are down dramatically.

Expect rapid backpedaling from Democratic candidates. Their fingers are held to the poll-winds and we’ll soon be seeing the wind vane swing a bit. They’ll have a ton of explaining to do when our soldiers finally do return, after attempting to starve out their efforts by denying funds. Don’t forget that soldiers vote too, Hillary.

And so, I’m sorry to say, this was not Vietnam II. The days of headbands, ryming chants to badly written political slogans and simplistic world views have washed up on the shores of reality. And it’s interesting to sift through stuff that washes up on shore, but alas, it’s usually just old useless junk.


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